MacOS window management has always been a pain, It’s finally time to change to a new window manager

Am image to demonstrate how window manager can be used to organise windows

For those of you who are wondering what the hell is a window manager, it is simply a software used to organise windows of different application on the screen. These were introduced to replace the shitty managers that come by default.

Moom is a simple to use window manager that allows you to simply snap your windows, just like how we do it on Microsoft windows. You can also use shortcuts to organise them, It is best to get started.

It is a paid software

Rectangle is much similar to moom but the difference is, it is free and open-source…

A better way to copy and paste without wasting space on disk.

An image of copy paste shortcut keys
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Copying a file or folder consumes a lot of space on the disk, learn to create a copy of folder that can reflect changes and Save space.

Contents in a file is stored in the form of inode on the disk. File name is just a link pointing to the inode. When you copy a file or folder to a different location a duplicate inode is created and the file name is linked to the new inode. If this is the process, think about what if we have the same inode and just make different file paths point to the…

A simple way to integrate Contact forms on your website with easy to use service

Contact form example image
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When I was building my website, I needed a way for users to contact me without knowing my MailId and getting the form directly into my inbox, So I went on a hunt. Just after a little while I found a way, which is a service that provides exactly what i needed.

This process requires no sign up process. On your html document navigate to the place where you need to insert the Contact form and paste:

<form action="" method="POST">

Flask is a Mini Backend Server that can help you write server side code in Python

Masked Code image with Python and Flask logo
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A website involves two things, Client side code and Server Side code. Client side code is something that is reached to users browser and is rendered over there, Server Side code is something that is running on a server which helps the client side code to make api calls, communicate information and many more. It is safe to do important things from your server than in clients computer right.

Flask is simply a library that helps write server side code in python. There are many options Java(Spring bot), Python (Flask and Django), Javascript (NodeJs), Postgress.


$pip install flask
  • Pip

Get a boost to the way you get your website up and running

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At times when I was both designing and coding the websites at the same time, I was told to better start to have a vision of how the website would look like, So I would draw a rough sketch of the website, not knowing how it turns up.

Then I would design the website using Html, CSS and Javascript (The traditional way of doing things). Yeah, It may not be the same as how I described the website on paper but that would give me an idea of where the components should be. …

An AI powered co-programmer, that helps you complete code snippets from function names and comments.

Github Copilot Icon, and a quote.
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Github copilot is a code completion engine that works on most of the programming languages, It was announced by Github and is available on VSCode as an extension.

There are a lot of features available in VS Code but there are some that are gonna improve your speed

Coding picture on a System.
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While writing programs we repeat a lot of code, there is a way to tackle that by storing our own boiler plate codes.

  • Open Command pallet and type Configure User Snippets
  • Select your Programming Language
  • Use the Example code to make your own snippet.

$<num> is used to change the cursor location, it can be used to write variable names and other strings that are program specific.

When you repeat a list of processes regularly there may be a way to automate it in VS Code. …

Free apps that could increase your mac experience by a lot

Apple pro display XDR and mac pro

There is always a need to increase our productivity on a computer, to do so, we need applications. In this article you will learn about five cool mac app that can boost your performance.


Basic: Free ( Premium in-app purchase)

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