MacOS Window Managers

MacOS window management has always been a pain, It’s finally time to change to a new window manager

Am image to demonstrate how window manager can be used to organise windows

For those of you who are wondering what the hell is a window manager, it is simply a software used to organise windows of different application on the screen. These were introduced to replace the shitty managers that come by default.

Moom is a simple to use window manager that allows you to simply snap your windows, just like how we do it on Microsoft windows. You can also use shortcuts to organise them, It is best to get started.

It is a paid software

Rectangle is much similar to moom but the difference is, it is free and open-source. I used to use it before switching to an other window manager.

Amethyst is a replacement for xmonad in linux, It is a little advanced to use and mainly dependent on keyboard. This allows you to throw your mouse for window management.


Install home brew: link

$ brew install --cask amethyst

Yabai is much similar to Amethyst which has it roots from linux window managers, but its installation is a little on the rough side compared to Amethyst. But over here you can edit the config file to get it customised to your liking. It gives you the flexibility to customise your own shortcuts to the function you need, (This is the window manager I am currently using).


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